The HVM itself as an Eclipse plugin is available below. The Eclipse plugin includes the interpreter source, which will automatically be extracted into the destination folder if not already present. After installing new plugins it may be necessary to start Eclipse from the command line with the -clean option. The HVM plugin requires that CDT is installed to function.


For the SCJ Level 0, 1 and 2 implementation, download icecapSDK.jar.

Java doc for the SCJ implementation here


Remember to remove any previous versions of the icecaptools_x.y.z.jar plugin before installing a new one.


Check out this installation guide.


This software is only released to work with Java 8.


Previous releases:


The full source of the HVM Eclipse plugin (including the AOT compiler), the runtime (including the interpreter) and the HVM libraries (including the SCJ API) are available on

The SCJ TCK can be checked out using anonymous CVS: cvs co OpenJMLTest

The current test coverage report of the SCJ TCK can be checked out using anonymous CVS: cvs co SCJ_Tables_2016/Tables.pdf

Contributions are always welcome!